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Pattern: Chunky Bumpy Beanie

I am 100% ready for cooler weather. Here in Wisconsin we got a small taste of Autumn the first week of September, and I was so excited!

Okay – to be honest, a lot of the excitement came from the clearance sale at Joann Fabrics, in which I was able to purchase several skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky yarn for an amazing price!

IMG_0236In deciding what to do with this great find, my son picked up a skein of “School,” and asked for a hat. How could I possibly say no to such a request from such an awesome kid?

I’m happy to announce that this successful chain of events ends in a happy ending for you! I decided to write down the pattern and share it as a free download for all of my fans.

This pattern is great for beginners, and only uses one skein of Softee Chunky yarn, or about 80 yards of super bulky yarn.

Also, I’ve written up three different sizes: Child, Teen, and Adult, so you can make one for everyone in the family!

ETC_Chunky Bumpy Beanie Pattern_9172017

Please, feel free to share pictures of your finished hats as projects on Ravelry. Also, please leave comments and questions below!


How to Crochet in the Right Mind

Happy National Left-Hander’s Day!

As a left handed person, I know the woes of scissors not cutting correctly, ink being smeared all over the side of my hand when writing, and not being able to just pick up a gaming controller and play. Also, hearing, “Oh, you’re a lefty” every time I do anything in front of a person was old 30 years ago.

While being left-handed is considered pretty rare—making up only 10% of the world’s population—being a southpaw does have its perks.

  • Lefties remember song lyrics better than right-handers. The fact that I can remember the words to pretty much every song I’ve heard since 1985 leads me to believe this is true.
  • They have Right-Brain dominance. This means we tend to be more creative and imaginative, are better at expressing feelings even non-verbally, and are great at daydreaming.
  • Left-Handed people are divergent thinkers. They are said to be good at complex reasoning, resulting in a high number of lefty Noble Prize winners, writers,artists, musicians, architects and mathematicians.
  • 20170813_123327There are Stores dedicated to Lefties. These places not only sell novelty items touting our (assumed) superiority, they also have practical items like left-handed scissors, can openers, and notebooks that don’t let the spiral cut into your arm. Honestly, I would hate not being able to drink out of my favorite coffee cup with my left hand.

Crochet with Confidence

Being a left-handed crocheter does come with some challenges. Mainly that most tutorials are made for right-handed people, and crocheting left-handed is more than just doing the mirror of the 90%. Here are few tutorials to help you get started on your hook wielding dreams.

  1. Moogly – One of my go-to places for a lot of things. Great patterns and tutorials
  2. WikiHow – When all else fails, look at life sized, step-by-step photos of what to do
  3. Crochet Guild of America – It has to be official coming from the CGOA, right?

I’d love to hear about any projects you’re working on, starting, or need help understanding. Post a comment, or send me a message!